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Stationery Reviews

Archie Grand notebooks

Banana skin paper

Blackwing 602 pencil

Caran D’Ache Caribbean Sea ink

Cartesio notebook

Cavallini bookplates

Cavallini notebooks

Cavallini sticky notes

Ciak notebook

Clairefontaine roadbook

Daycraft Animals notebook

Daycraft cantoon notebook

Daycraft Handy Picks planner

Daycraft Make my day planner

Daycraft Gutenberg Signature notebook

Daycraft Signature Chromatic Diary (2013)

Daycraft Signature Inspiro notebook

Daycraft Signature Sketchbook

Daycraft Slab notebook

Field Notes Expedition edition

Field Notes Memo book

Field Notes Night Sky edition

Filofax Malden
original review check the Filofax category for more!

Fisher Anniversary Space Pen

J.Herbin 1670 Rouge hematite ink

J.Herbin Gris Nuage ink

J.Herbin Vert Empire ink

J.Herbin inks
in general

JOTTRR notebook

Kokuyo security stamp

Lamy Safari in neon coral

Lamy Vista fountain pen

Lamy fountain pens
general comments

Lamy nibs
A review of the interchange-able nibs on offer

Lamy 1.1 nib

Leuchtturm Jottbook

Leuchtturm1917 notebook

Leuchtturm pen holder

Less and More pen holder

Less is More memo pad

Life Canvas organiser notebook

Modern & Vintage pencil case

Moleskine Cath Kidston limited edition

Monsieur notebook

Monsieur sketchbook

Montblanc Meisterstuck fountain pen

Morning Glory notebook

MT masking tapes (part 1)

MT masking tapes (part 2)

Notes for my daily life notebook

Pantone notebook

Paperblanks 18 month planner

Paperblanks notebook

Parker Sonnet fountain pen

Pilot feed spotliter pen

Pineapple paper

Platinum Kanazawa-Haku Fountain Pen

Platinum Plaisir fountain pen

Platinum Preppy fountain pen

Rhodia 4 colors book

Rhodia Dot Webbie

Sailor Recycled Materials desk pen

Switch pen

TeNeus CoolNotes notebook

TeNeus notebook

Think Green notebook

Tombow Object fountain pen

V&A notebook

Verge de France paper

Waterman Audace fountain pen

Wax seal

We Are What We Do 2013 planner

We Are What We Do notebook

Whitelines notebook

Writersblok small notebook

Skincare Product Reviews

Bamboo toothbrush

Body Shop eco conscious range

Burt’s Bees hand salve

Lip balms

Lip balms (a second post)

Lush products

Lush Toothy Tabs

Moa balm

Model’s Own nail polish

Nails Inc pink glitter polish

Misc. Reviews

Aerial7 headphones

Amazon Kindle


Bellevue Tea

Candles from the One Stop Pamper Shop

Crafty Creatives boxes

Fairytale bookends

Jord watches

Pocket knives (Opinel and Victorinox)

a washing detergent

Snugg iPad cover

Tregothnan tea

Eco posts

The green credentials of the Amazon Kindle

Biodegradable soaps

Drinking Tea Pt.1

Drinking Tea Pt.2

Using paper

Why I don’t support organic farming



Carrot and apple soup

Green tomato jam


Roasted tomato soup


Craft ideas

Bottle bag

Covering a camera strap

Crochet ripple blanket

Handmade top 1

Handmade top 2

How to make a pencil wrap

How to make a pillow (and how to make anything you want)

Knitting a headband

Letter writing case

Making a Katia scarf

Making an iPad cover

Making a lunch bag

Making a pill pouch

Making a ring storage box


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