Afternoon tea

While I was off work I had afternoon tea in the garden.  I did this last year with my Mum (almost to the day!) and it was good fun, so we did it again!

My photos are a bit dark – I edited them on my iPad and I must have had the contrast wrong. It was a sunny day!

Tea Party July 2014 1

Tea Party July 2014 2

We made little sandwiches with cucumber and brie (homegrown cucumber!).

Tea Party July 2014 3

Fresh scones from the bakery in town.

Cream tea, 17th July 2014

Proper clotted cream from Cornwall, and jam! The jam isn’t homemade, as we already had a jar of Bonne Maman open.

Tea Party July 2014 4

… And of course the most important part, tea! No posh tea this time round, I’m afraid. Good ol’ Yorkshire Tea!

Tea Party July 2014 5

Tea Party July 2014 7While we ate and drank, Archie snoozed in the afternoon sun.

New laptop desk and stickers

Hello, I am back from my break!  I have some photos to show you at some point, but today I want to show you my laptop.  The new sticker arrived for the wrist rests on my Mac, so now I’ve finally finished decorating it!  I decorated the front of the laptop when I bought it back in January:

Laptop skin

I’m afraid that I don’t remember now where I got the skin from.  However, Society6 and Etsy both do great designs and I would have ordered from one of these sites.

I got the keyboard stickers a couple of weeks ago from Mixed Decals on Etsy, which has hundreds of designs.  I got the wrist rest this weekend from SkinStyler, which has loads of wrist rest designs for Macs.

Keyboard stickers

So now I’ve finished decorating my laptop, and it is looking tres snazzy, non?  I’m very pleased with it!

The laptop desk I settled on in the end was the one from the mobility company.  It arrived a bit “rough and ready”, covered in bamboo dust from sawing, and one screw was loose so I had to fix it myself.  As such, I wouldn’t really recommend it to anyone, except it was cheap and it works really well!

Laptop desk with laptop

A little blog holiday

Sometimes I go through phases where I don’t see the point in blogging any more. I’m unfortunately in one of those phases at the moment. I’m also doubting my existence on Twitter, which is very shocking for me (I used to love Twitter!).

I suppose really for me there isn’t much point to my blogging – I don’t make money from it (nor do I intend to). It’s literally just a place to chat. I’m never going to be one of those high profile blogs, because a) I don’t like *having* to stick to a blogging schedule, b) I don’t want to write article after article, and c) I don’t have the time or the inclination to invest in PR. Most the time I’m ok with that, but occasionally I think it would be nice to have thousands of readers and use my blog for the power of good (recommending green things, etc.). In recent years my readership has plateau’d (this is quite normal although lots of bloggers forget this!) and I guess we’ve all just got comfortable together.

Anyway, I need a little break from blogging, and luckily this break coincides with a few days I have off work. I’ll be back on the 28th July.

Have a lovely week, whatever your plans :)

A photo post

I have a collection of random photos for you today.  Every now and then I like to collect together all the photos I haven’t shared, and just dump them all in one post so I can move on with my life!  Captions beneath each photo.

Sleepy cat :)

Little Archie having a snooze with me one afternoon. She’s not a particularly affectionate cat, but she does follow me around the house and she stays nearby.  She’s moulting at the moment, as you can see from her neck in the photo.  Lots of loose hairs being abandoned everywhere!

Yellow and orange lily

I love my lilies. They’re orange and yellow varieties and they’re beautiful. I wish they flowered longer though! (P.S. I’ve just finished a book called Seven Flowers and how they changed the world, and the lily was one of the flowers featured. It was a good read.)

Eaten snail

I find this snail shell on the patio exactly as it is in the photo, and you can see that a hungry bird has eaten the snail from it. I don’t really mind as there are too many snails in the garden!

Rose reaching up to sky

My Mum grows a lot of roses. I don’t really care for them; I think they require too much effort to look pretty, but this one was reaching to the sky and looking pretty, so it deserved a photo!

I may have bought new keyboard stickers for my laptop!

I bought a set of keyboard stickers for my Mac, so it looks all snazzy! I got this set off Etsy (there are loads of designs on there!), but the return key and the shift key were wrong so I’m currently waiting for an update from the seller as they’re sticker-less and sad.  I’ve also ordered a sticker for the wrist pad section so it doesn’t get scratched, so I’ll show you that when it’s arrived.

New laptop desk

I bought a new stand for my laptop finally (I chose the mobility product one).  The Apple rainbow sticker came with my keyboard stickers but I already have a sticker on the front of my laptop.  (Also, you can see the missing return key sticker on my keyboard in that photo!)

So that’s the miscellaneous stuff from my life!

Water, water, everywhere

Water, water, everywhere
Nor any drop to drink.

Most of you will know the little Coleridge quote above, and it’s actually quite true.  Only 2.5% of the world’s water is fresh water (i.e. isn’t saline), and most of the world’s fresh water is trapped in ice.  Only 0.007% of the world’s water is actually accessible for our use.  If that figure doesn’t scare you, it should, because water security will likely be one of the main reasons for war in coming decades.  Communities in equatorial regions are going to suffer severe droughts as a result of climate change and heavy land use, and this leads to migration, poverty, famine, etc. all of which contribute to civil and international wars.

The real reason for this post is that I came across this infographic about water use in the UK, and I wanted to share it with you.  Have a read, because it’s absolutely fascinating.  Then have a think about how you can reduce your own water use.  I’m a big fan of mulching and water butts to reduce garden water use.


Lego Moleskine week 25 & 26

Lego Moleskine Week 25

Week 25

That stamp is of an astronaut in space, which is cool.  This was quite a quiet week, as I had studying to do and other bits and pieces.  I did paint the garden fence though, which is always a big job!

Lego Moleskine Week 26

Week 26

Ahhh, France’s football dreams are over for another four years!  Made a batch of strawberry jam this week (and gooseberry jam).

A new URL reminder

New pink converse

These boots are made for walking…

The URL of Planet Millie has changed from to  This changed happened a couple of months ago and I updated most systems, but goes offline at the end of August so if you’re visiting here from a favourites link or something please update it.

People reading in feeds, by email and by Bloglovin’ don’t need to do anything!

Why I stopped journalling

I recently mentioned in a comment on here that I’d stopped journalling, and I was asked to write about this. I was going to at some point, but I hadn’t really marshalled my thoughts together, so I didn’t know what to say.

For months now I’ve not been journalling regularly. I’ve not been enjoying it and it’s lapsed into a chore that I do once every couple of weeks. Alongside this, I’ve been pondering what to do with all my old journals (this sometimes took place on here!). I didn’t know what I was keeping all the old notebooks for, and as there were around 30 they were taking up a lot of space (I’ve kept a journal for 10 years). As you guys know, I’m big on de-cluttering, and all these old notebooks were becoming dead space.

I wasn’t aware that I’d made a decision about all of this, but one morning in May I woke up with the decision to get rid of all the notebooks. I sorted through them all, removing any sensitive pages and recycling the rest. The sensitive pages got shredded and went into the compost. It was a big job that took many hours over several days to complete, but I felt much better for doing it.

That was a couple of months ago now, and I’ve not had an urge to journal since. I don’t regret getting rid of the journals, but I am annoyed that I wasn’t a better journaller. I love reading biographies and published journals, but mine were no way near that interesting! I do however miss the act of writing. I originally started keeping a journal so I could write by hand regularly, and now that exercise has gone I do miss it. The decision to stop journalling has wider repercussions over my use of pens and paper, and I think I will need to find a new activity that uses these.

That’s what happened to my journals anyway. Do any of you journal? Have you kept all your old notebooks?

June reads (2014)

I only managed four of the eight books I’d intended to read in June, but I don’t know why as it felt like I was reading lots!  A lot of the books I have started have hundreds of pages though, so I guess I need to be realistic about how many books I can complete when many I’ve started are so long!

59 seconds – Richard Wiseman

It feels like months since I read this book now – I don’t know why.  I really enjoy Wiseman’s work, and this book is no exception.  It’s a look at the rubbish spouted by self-help guides. Wiseman is a psychologist and he discusses the science behind popular self-help claims and then shares real self-help tips based on our current understanding of the brain.  Anyone who reads self-help books should read this; his tips are designed to change your life in only a few minutes (hence the book title) and it’s an excellent read.

Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares – Rachel Cohn and David Levithan

This has been on my reading list for a while now. I think I saw a book review when it came out and it appealed. I’ve seen the film version of Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist (written by the same authors) and I loved the whimsy. This book wasn’t a let down. It follows the story of a boy and a girl in New York who swap clues to locations across New York (it’s sort of a treasure hunt) over Christmas when both are bored. It’s such a cute, lovely read, and it only takes a couple of hours.

Do you think you’re clever? – John Farndon

This book was a re-read. It’s a collection of Oxbridge interview questions, complete with answers. It’s quite thought-provoking, and easy to dip in and out of since each question is only a couple of paragraphs long. It makes you think about things!

Born to run – Chris McDougall

Loved this book! I think it’s the first book in months that I gave 5 stars to on GoodReads! It’s half-science, half-history as it charts the ultra runners in Mexico (the best long distance runners in the world). It looks at the biology of running with a human body, and discusses the best long distance runners in history. If you have any interest at all in running you should read this.

Did you read any good books in June?