Lots and lots of drugs

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I’ve been having a particularly crappy week (I have complained about it constantly).  In your jaw hinges (you have one either side of your mouth, as I’m sure you’ve realised!), you have a disc that sits between the two bones to cushion against blows (it’s basically a disc of cartilage).  In my jaw, the discs have been bent into the wrong shape through injury, and this results in pain in the jaw joint itself and means that the joints don’t move properly.  Alongside this, because the muscles are working overtime, I get muscle pain in my jaw.  Usually the muscle pain is a minor annoyance and easy to treat with painkillers, and the joint itself just causes slight twangs that can be ignored.  I wear a brace and it is great at managing pain and mobility (seriously – if you suffer from jaw problems and haven’t yet been given a brace, demand it!).

On Sunday I woke up in terrible pain for no reason at all, and my prescribed painkillers did very little.  After being up all Sunday night with my jaw on fire, I hit the pharmacist for stronger painkillers on Monday morning and took the day off work to recover.  Sadly, the drugs only worked for a few hours and then stopped doing anything, so I had to go to the doctor on Monday evening to get the real party drugs (!).  Those worked great and I was at work yesterday, but today the drugs are not getting rid of all the pain again, and I’m really sore.

The pain doesn’t worry me as I assume there’s nothing seriously wrong (if it was in a different part of my body I would be in A&E by now thinking I’m dying), but pain is so debilitating.  It really takes it out of you and makes you feel crappy.  Jaw pain is basically like the worst toothache ever – it often includes multiple teeth and radiates down the jaw bone.

If I can hang on until Friday afternoon, I managed to get an appointment with my consultant so he can check my jaw.  If I can’t hang on until then, I will have to go to A&E and demand an anaesthetic.  Or a beheading.

I haven’t got any posts written, so I might be a little more absent than usual, but I hope you don’t mind.

Isn’t life fun!

Around here…

Veronica Mars

… I’ve been watching a lot of Veronica Mars.  I’ve already seen the film, and am now re-watching season 3.  I watched this show when I was at uni, and I love it.  It should have had way more than three seasons.

… I’ve also been watching season 2 of Hawaii Five-0.  I’m totally in love with Scott Caan, but let’s be honest: the whole cast is beautiful.

Hawaii Five-0

… I spotted a wren in the garden and it finally let me take a photo.  They’re such busy little birds that they usually don’t stay still long enough!

Wren on the rose bush


… I saw a treecreeper on a walk, but I didn’t get a good photo, so here are four blurry ones.


… I hosted a tea party for old uni friends this weekend, but I didn’t take many photos!  Bad blogger!  It was delicious though!

Archie on her chair

Meow meow meow.

Potatoes and beans and garlic, oh my!

Spring is here, and the first veg have now gone in the ground (the garlic doesn’t count as we left it to over-winter).

Veg beds March 2014

The first bed is the garlic, which is growing well (the mild winter has definitely helped!).  The bed covered in fleece has beans in it.  The fleece isn’t so much to protect against cold weather as it is to stop the birds having lunch!  Sometimes they are greedy even though there are already two feeders in the garden!  The third bed at the back has potatoes in it.

Dunnock in the garden

Here’s a dunnock from the garden.  The buds of the cherry tree are just starting to open. We’ll have blossom soon.

Spring March 2014

Fairytale bookends

Bookends.  I always wonder whether there’s any point to them.  There are so many things you can use to keep books upright.  In the past, I’ve been a fan of horizontal book stacking at the ends of rows, rocks, photo frames… However, as I streamline my book collection I’ve ended up with so few books that they don’t run to the end of shelves any more, and I’ve been getting rid of my clutter, so there aren’t as many rocks and items to hold up these books.

I decided that I needed a pair of bookends, but they had to be fun.  They had to match my books and be decorative in their own right.  I trawled the internet for a few days (there are A LOT of designs out there), and ultimately decided on a pair of fairytale bookends.

Fairytale bookends 1

There’s a huge range in both the price and quality of bookends, so if you’re looking for a pair of your own I recommend setting a budget in advance.  This pair cost £25 from Not on the high street, and came in a choice of colours (I bought off-white).

Fairytale bookends 2

Fairytale bookends 3

They’re cute, aren’t they?  The books on the left of my shelf (“Once upon a time”) are my favourite non-fiction books.  The books on the right of my shelf (“The end”) are my favourite fiction books.  All nicely sorted!

Another pair of fingerless gloves

I recently made another pair of fingerless gloves.  They’re so quick to make, and it’s always satisfying to finish projects quickly!

I made these for a friend’s daughter.  She’s a sports photographer in the making, and she needed gloves that would keep her hands warm but allow her to use her camera whilst she’s sat around watching horses, etc.  Hopefully these will do the job!

The yarn is an aran weight yarn, in a denim blue.  I don’t know the blend. I picked it up very cheap in Aldi one day (it was like £5 for 500g or something equally cheap!).

Gloves for Alice

Lego Moleskine week 9 & 10

2014 Moleskine Week 9

Week 9

This is a boring week as I was sick and didn’t write much. But, then it was my birthday at the weekend and I am an ancient 27 now!

2014 Moleskine Week 10

Week 10

We had heavy frosts this week, which is odd as we’ve not had many frosts all winter. The cat cost me another £20 at the vet, as the scar tissue on her eye from her fight hasn’t gone. The vet doesn’t think it will now. It’s not noticeable and shouldn’t be affecting her vision, but when she looks at a light you can see a shadow across her eye.

Earth Hour 2014

This Saturday is WWF’s Earth Hour. I’m a big fan of campaigns like this, which highlight energy usage and climate change in a nice simple challenge. All you need to do is turn off your lights for an hour at 8.30pm (it’s same time whichever country you’re in).

Earth Hour started in 2007 in Australia. Last year, 154 countries took part (that’s 7000+ cities!). And even cooler, the International Space Station took part too! In the UK, over 10 million people took part in 2013, which is almost 1 in 6 Brits!

Climate change remains the biggest long-term threat to our environment, and a lot of the work being done to address this is led by charities. We need to tell our Governments to act now, and simple campaigns like Earth Hour show Governments how interested we are in these problems.

And because I can’t resist the opportunity to share a photo of the McFly boys, here’s a pic from them taking part in Earth Hour 2013!

Lego Moleskine week 7 & 8

2014 Moleskine Week 7

Week 7

There was a lot of rain this week. This was also the week the cat got a poorly eye. I went to the dentist with toothache, which I’d had since Christmas. The dentist found the tiniest crack ever. It was not proportional in size to the pain it gave me!

2014 Moleskine Week 8

Week 8

I finally took the cat to the vet (I hesitated as I didn’t know if it was actually injured or she was just being a weirdo). Turns out she had an ulcer on her lower eyelid from a fight. She’s all better now :)

The cat and the compost

This post is a cat photo post, which I know we all like :)  First off though, thanks for hanging with me whilst I fixed the website.  I really need to stop tinkering, as it never ends well!  Just a quick note to say that if you have my email address saved, it has now changed and I couldn’t figure out how to forward emails from the old account.  Please message me on Twitter or fill out the contact form if you want the new address.

Anyway, cat photos! The real reason you’re here!

The cat and the compost

The cat and the compost 2

The cat and the compost 3