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Hi there, I’m Millie!  I’m an environmental scientist by day and a dreamer by night.  I’m inspired by blogs, photos, wildlife, scientific problems, foreign and unusual things, music, books, films and life in general!  I’m on the hunt for my dream life and my dream house.  I can be quite a tomboy and I love sci-fi (I’m a major geek), but my head is full of Disney love stories and my nail polish collection is 90% varying shades of pink.  My favourite colour is orange, and I prefer sunsets over sunrises.  I’d rather eat something savoury than something sweet, but if you offer me a cupcake I won’t say no!

My blog discusses my craft projects, my love of notebooks, walks I’ve taken, products I’ve tried, and other random things that cross my path.

Please give me a wave and drop me a line!

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