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Lego Moleskine week 11 & 12

2014 Moleskine week 11

Week 11

McDonalds for tea!  Doesn’t happen very often, but I do love their chips!  This is also the week that I broke my website by tinkering.  Bad bad Millie.  Never change code on a live website!  We also got Krispy Kremes at work on the Friday and I had a chocolate one.  No-one makes donuts like the Americans.  YUM!

2014 Moleskine week 12

Week 12


May the odds be ever in your favour.

That is all.

Daycraft whale notebook

Exciting news, animal lovers!  Daycraft have released two limited edition animals to add to their animal pals notebook collection.  One of them is a chameleon, which I don’t really care about, and the other is a whale.  A WHALE!  It’s the cutest thing ever!


Isn’t it awesome!

I’ve reviewed the Animal Pals range before, and I recommend them for anyone with a love of animals.  The paper is good quality, which is unusual for a novelty notebook, and they’re a pleasure to use.  Plus, who doesn’t want a notebook with an animal face on it!


You can order these notebooks from the Daycraft website.  The company is based in Hong Kong, but they ship worldwide.  I’ve ordered from them several times – the prices are reasonable and I didn’t have any problems.

Images from  I was not paid to write this post, I just love Daycraft products.

FOR SALE: Yellow Lamy Safari Fountain Pen

Lamy Rainbow 1

Hi all,

I’m selling my yellow Lamy Safari fountain pen.  It’s going for the bargain price of £10!  I can sell it with a medium nib or a fine nib, so let me know what nib size you’re interested in if you’d like the pen.  (Please note, I’m not selling the 1.1 nib in the photo below.)

I will ship worldwide, and postage will be calculated individually, so get in touch if you’re interested.  It’s in perfect working order.


Lamy 1.1 nib yellow safari

Lego Moleskine week 9 & 10

2014 Moleskine Week 9

Week 9

This is a boring week as I was sick and didn’t write much. But, then it was my birthday at the weekend and I am an ancient 27 now!

2014 Moleskine Week 10

Week 10

We had heavy frosts this week, which is odd as we’ve not had many frosts all winter. The cat cost me another £20 at the vet, as the scar tissue on her eye from her fight hasn’t gone. The vet doesn’t think it will now. It’s not noticeable and shouldn’t be affecting her vision, but when she looks at a light you can see a shadow across her eye.

Lego Moleskine week 7 & 8

2014 Moleskine Week 7

Week 7

There was a lot of rain this week. This was also the week the cat got a poorly eye. I went to the dentist with toothache, which I’d had since Christmas. The dentist found the tiniest crack ever. It was not proportional in size to the pain it gave me!

2014 Moleskine Week 8

Week 8

I finally took the cat to the vet (I hesitated as I didn’t know if it was actually injured or she was just being a weirdo). Turns out she had an ulcer on her lower eyelid from a fight. She’s all better now :)

Lego Moleskine week 3 & 4

The final full weeks of January. It’s whizzed by!

2014 Moleskine Week 3

Week 3

This week seems very orange now that I look back on it.  I did make carrot soup so maybe it was a theme.  On a side note, you can see how bad show-through is Moleskines on this spread!

2014 Moleskine Week 4

Week 4

Someone sent the kitten postcard to our office, and I thought it was cute so I stuck it in my planner.  This was a sad week because my laptop charger, which had been faulty since I bought the laptop, died completely.  I’d already had a partial refund to cover the cost of the charger, but I had to go without a laptop for a few days whilst I waited for the delivery of the new charger.  Also this week, I had Chinese takeaway (yum yum) and my sister came home for the weekend.  And I saw a rainbow!

Lego Moleskine week 1 & 2

Here are the first two weeks of 2014 in my planner. I’ve been making an effort to add a bit more colour than previously. It probably won’t last!

2014 Moleskine Week 1

Week 1

This week was an exciting week, because I got my new laptop!  Yey!  I also watched a lot of TV, as you can see from the list.  It was the end of the Christmas holiday and it rained a lot.  At the end of the week it was my Mutti’s birthday, and my sister came home for the weekend.  We ate a most delicious Indian curry takeaway, and will definitely be ordering from that curry house again!

2014 Moleskine Week 2

Week 2

I started my diet this week, which is still going well (GO ME!).  I did, however, have another takeaway this week (this is actually becoming a trend for 2014, despite my diet!).  Luckily (or unluckily), I didn’t feel well so I didn’t eat too much.  I watched a lot of TV again – I have overcommitted myself with too many shows!

Introduction to my 2014 planner

It’s almost the end of January, so it’s fair to say that I’m a bit late showing you the planner that I’m using this year!  I decided to go with a Moleskine again, for no reason other than that it would match my 2012 and 2013 planners.

I took ages to decide which planner I wanted, as this year I had a choice of their standard ones, as well as limited edition Lego, Peanuts and Le Petit Prince designs.  I really like the planner for Le Petit Prince, but it was white and I doubt it would look good after a year of use.  So, I chose the Lego planner in the end.

Lego Moleskine 2014 front cover

It’s actually quite a cool design, but they stuck a bit of Lego on the front cover which I don’t reckon will stay on for the year. It’s very easy to catch on things. I haven’t got some Lego out to attach to the front cover yet. I suppose I should!

Lego Moleskine 2014 inside cover

The inside cover continues the Lego design. Usually, I would decorate the inside cover, but I haven’t touched it yet. Again, I don’t know if it will last a whole year like this – I might get bored and add some stickers at some point.

The rest of the pages are standard Moleskine pages.  I will be doing posts throughout the year to show you my doodles.