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Winged beasts

I have some nature photos for you today, taken over the last few weeks.  Names of each species under the photos.

Small Tortoiseshell on lavender

Small Tortoiseshell butterfly

Hoverfly on anemone


Gatekeeper butterfly on thistle

Gatekeeper butterfly

Blue damselfly

Blue damselfly

Common darter Sympetrum striolatum

Common darter

Peacock on thistle

Peacock butterfly (I love peacock butterflies!)

Courgette flower being pollinated

A honeybee I think, but I didn’t get a good look (it’s pollinating a courgette flower).

Selling my Nikon D60 camera and lens

Camera body and accs for sale

I’m selling my Nikon d60 on eBay. I’ve umm’d and ahh’d over this decision for months, because it’s a lovely camera, but I just don’t get full use out of it and I prefer my other Nikon.

I’ve never been able to completely relax with a DSLR, despite much reading and practicing, and I’ve accepted now that I will probably never go full manual. I’ll stick to bridge cameras, which give me what I want without demanding that I understand the technical aspect of photography!

If you’re interested in the listings, they are below. It’s only open to UK residents on eBay, but if you are outside the UK and are interested please send me a message and I’ll sort it out for you.

Nikon D60 black camera body

Sigma 70-300mm Lens Nikon compatible

Flies and things

My photos have been a bit lacklustre recently.  I haven’t been out much which doesn’t help.  There are horse flies EVERYWHERE – has anyone else noticed this?  It’s not worth going into the woods and fields for photos, just to get savaged by horrible flies.  Plus, their bites last longer than bee stings (I can say this with authority!).  It’s a bad year for plant and tree pests, because last winter we had no snow and so the weather didn’t kill off all the bugs and insects that usually die in the cold.  I assume the same rule applies to the horse flies.  I hope we have a month of snow next Christmas!

Here are a few pictures I have taken in the last week or so.

Kneel before me, human!

Archie sitting on the patio table, which she isn’t allowed to do!

Dunnock on birdfeeder

A dunnock on the bird feeder. There haven’t been many birds on the bird feeder lately. I’ve slowed down a bit with food as I have an infection in my bird population and am trying to reduce the risk of spread. I don’t want food lingering on the feeders as I’m cleaning them frequently, so there is less out than usual.

Male meadow brown butterfly

This is a male meadow brown butterfly. There should be more butterfly photos from me later in the month as the butterfly count is in July and I have a secret spot where I know there are loads!

Damselfly in meadow

A blue damselfly. There are quite a few different blue damselflies, so I have no idea what this is!

Xanthoria lichen

I bought a new lichen guide, FINALLY! Identifying lichens is hard, so at the moment I’m just narrowing down my IDs to genus. This is a Xanthoria member lichen.

So there are my photos from the last week or so.  I hope you’re all well!

(In unrelated news, I have a new contact form so feel free to use it!  I was getting too much spam.  I also have a new comment system for the same reason, so feel free to use that too!)

Welcome to Lincolnshire

We grow things.

Wheat field

We also have nature reserves.  The photos below are all from a wildflower meadow.  You can get the names of plants by hovering over the photos.

Wildflower meadow 1

Wildflower meadow 2

Meadow brown butterfly

Common spotted orchid 1

Common spotted orchid 2

Buttercups in the skyWe didn’t stay at the meadow that long.  There were lots of horse flies and they can be nasty little critters.  It was also very hot without much shade.  But it was lovely!

Have a good day.

Baby blue tits and other photos

The birds are all flying the nest now, and we had a baby blue tit in the garden last week.  They’re so cute!

Baby blue tit in cherry tree

Baby blue tit on garden ornament

I also found this dunnock photo on my camera, and I don’t know if I ever shared it on here.

Dunnock in birdfeeder

Some of the flowers in the garden are looking beautiful at the moment.  I especially love Alliums.

Allium flower head

Red and cream rose

Finally, I found this weathered little snail shell hiding in one of my flower pots amongst the moss and soil, and I had to photograph it.  The photo isn’t staged, it was just lying like this.

Weathered shell in soil

Have a lovely day.

Purple, yellow, pink and green

I’ve been on a couple of walks over the last few days, but they have been a bit disappointing photography-wise.  I assume everyone goes through phases like this, when all their photos are boring?  Delete delete delete!

Bluebells April 2014 1

Bluebells are now in full bloom in UK woods, and they’re beautiful. The rich purple carpets are a lovely sight, so get out there!

New pink converse

I have new Converse!  Not for any particular reason.  They were just so pink that I had to have them!

Skechers on the go 2014

Then I ordered some Skechers, because the trainers I have are rubbish and I haven’t been able to find a new pair that I like.  I am undecided on these so far.  I don’t remember buying trainers to be this hard when I was a teenager.  All I want to do is use them for walking!

Twig lichen

I still love lichen. I’m buying a guide to identifying lichens soon :)

Green-veined white

This is a green-veined white butterfly. It has very delicate veins on its wings.

Small tortoiseshell in sunlight

This photo is quite blurry, but I like it because you can see how transparent the butterfly’s wings are in the sunlight.

Giant fungus

Look at this fungus!  it’s so big and old that it has moss and lichens growing on it!!!

Cowslip portrait 2014

I got asked to do a photoshoot for work, so I had to practice demonstrating flowers and stuff (I work for a conservation charity).  Here I am showing a cowslip!  Sadly you won’t see me in print any time soon; there were too many women in the magazine so I agreed to be swapped for a man :P  (We didn’t want to get complaints that there were no men in our magazine!)

The garden robin

Last weekend I scrubbed the patio.  The winter has been wet and the patio was looking quite dirty and damp.  Whilst I was scrubbing away (hello, sore shoulder) my garden robin was sat in a tree supervising me.  He wouldn’t come in the garden whilst I was cleaning, but as soon as I went inside he came to eat some simnel cake (my Mother had a cake disaster and the birds are now benefiting from this).

Robin in tree Easter weekend 2014

Robin in tree Easter weekend 2014 2

Robin in tree Easter weekend 2014 3

Robin in tree Easter weekend 2014 4

I’ve been playing with filters again.  I like filters on photos.  They’re fun, and they make the world more interesting.  I know lots of people disagree with me and think that they just detract from poor quality photos, etc., but life is too short to play by the rules!

Around here in April

Just a few photos from my life recently.

First look at the new neon coral Lamy.

The new neon coral Lamy! I will be reviewing it soon. There was a fault with the one I got so I’m just waiting for the replacement.

Lincolnshire in spring

I love this county of mine.

Mars, God of War

A small photo, but here is my first ever image of Mars! I was so excited when I took this photo!

Bean shoot!

I spotted the bean plants the day they germinated! They’re a bit taller now as I took this photo a week ago!

Moon 11 April 2014

I’ve been doing a lot of stargazing recently. It’s been good weather for it. Moooooooooon!

Harlaxton Manor

More yellow fields. It’s all rape seed, for those unfamiliar with the plant. The manor in the background is Harlaxton Manor.

Belvoir castle

Belvoir castle. We used to be able to see the castle from the house where I grew up. It always makes me smile when I see it.

(For those wondering, Harlaxton Manor is owned by an American university who use it as a private college, and Belvoir Castle is the seat of the Duke of Rutland.)

Archie watches the birds.

My little kitkat watching the birds.

ISS pass 12th April 2014

My first useable ISS photo!! So exciting! This is from the ISS pass on the 12th, and the image shows it fading to the east as it disappears into the Earth’s shadow (so it is travelling down the photo).

So that’s my life recently. Lots of space!