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Around here in April

Just a few photos from my life recently.

First look at the new neon coral Lamy.

The new neon coral Lamy! I will be reviewing it soon. There was a fault with the one I got so I’m just waiting for the replacement.

Lincolnshire in spring

I love this county of mine.

Mars, God of War

A small photo, but here is my first ever image of Mars! I was so excited when I took this photo!

Bean shoot!

I spotted the bean plants the day they germinated! They’re a bit taller now as I took this photo a week ago!

Moon 11 April 2014

I’ve been doing a lot of stargazing recently. It’s been good weather for it. Moooooooooon!

Harlaxton Manor

More yellow fields. It’s all rape seed, for those unfamiliar with the plant. The manor in the background is Harlaxton Manor.

Belvoir castle

Belvoir castle. We used to be able to see the castle from the house where I grew up. It always makes me smile when I see it.

(For those wondering, Harlaxton Manor is owned by an American university who use it as a private college, and Belvoir Castle is the seat of the Duke of Rutland.)

Archie watches the birds.

My little kitkat watching the birds.

ISS pass 12th April 2014

My first useable ISS photo!! So exciting! This is from the ISS pass on the 12th, and the image shows it fading to the east as it disappears into the Earth’s shadow (so it is travelling down the photo).

So that’s my life recently. Lots of space!

Spring flowers

I’m trying to make an effort this summer to practice different photographic techniques.  When I was in the garden recently, I decided to photograph flower heads with a backing behind them, so that all you can see is the flower.  I like the effect, but it does make me want a proper macro lens so that I can do super zoomed in photos!



Red cowslip


I couldn’t think of a good title for this post. However, I got some brilliant photos when I went birdwatching on Saturday. I didn’t see many birds, but I saw a mink for the first time! It was swimming in the canal, and eventually it posed for a photo for me!

Mink in water pipe

Squirrel eating buds 3

Squirrel eating buds

Squirrel eating buds 2

Robin on a fallen branch

Chaffinch on the pathHappy Monday!


It was my birthday at the weekend, and my sister came home to celebrate.  We went for a very cold walk to look at some snowdrops.  We didn’t stay long in the woods as it was freezing and muddy, but I took two photos to make it worthwhile.

Snowdrops March 2014
Snowdrops 2 March 2014

Staring out the window

Last week I got struck down with the lurgy, twice!  First I had a cold, and then I had a stomach bug, and I spent a lot of time staring out the window watching the birds.  I took a few photos when I could, although some of the birds refused to come near the window so I could get a good shot!

The mornings are getting light now, and the birds are starting to sing all day again.  I’m glad spring is on its way, although we haven’t had a bad winter here in Lincolnshire (coast excepted, given that they flooded).  A couple of weekends ago we weeded the garden for the first time, and today I saw my first butterfly.  Soon it will be time to plant seeds and get ready for veg growing.

Blue Tit March 2014

Blue Tit

Starling March 2014

Song thrush

Female blackbird March 2014

Female blackbird

Male blackbird March 2014

Male blackbird

Family of blackbirds March 2014

Mummy and daddy blackbird having lunch :)

Chaffinch March 2014


Great Tit March 2014

Great tit

Robin March 2014


Robin 2 March 2014

Wren March 2014

I think this is a wren, but it wouldn’t come out of the hedgerow so I didn’t get a positive ID.

Archie and her chair

I haven’t done an Archie post for ages!  Archie has a favourite chair, which lives in the conservatory.  She has a fleece blanket on it and she likes to sunbathe.  This makes it nice and easy to photograph her as she’s sleepy and doesn’t attack.

Archie on her chair 1

Archie on her chair 2

Archie on her chair 3

Archie on her chair 4

Archie on her chair 5

At the weekend

This weekend was a particularly lovely one.  The sun shone; I pottered about with my crochet blanket, started knitting a new scarf, had lots of tea, read, made soup and generally relaxed.  I also took a few pictures on my camera, which has been feeling neglected recently.

At the weekend 1

At the weekend 2

At the weekend 3

At the weekend 4

At the weekend 5

At the weekend 6

At the weekend 7

At the weekend 8

At the weekend 9

These are all the ends of my crochet blanket so far.  They’re going into the scarf that’s photographed further up.

At the weekend 10

I hope you had a lovely weekend too.

A nice frost

Last Sunday we had a lovely frost; everything was crisp and white.  I went for a walk at a local wood and took some icy photos. (For those who follow me on Twitter, this is not the same wood where we got the car stuck on Wednesday. Although it was equally mud at both places!)

frosted gate lock

Frosty walk

Frosted leaf

frost on violets

Frozen puddle 1

Frozen puddle 2

Frozen puddle 3

Sun in woods

Despite the nature of these photos, this winter has been very mild (aside from the endless rain), and there have been many reports of flowers germinating and birds nesting because of the mild weather.  The temperatures have got nature confused and it thinks spring is already here.  They’ll get a shock if winter arrives in February.

The wood where these photos were taken has since shut to the public because of a dog attack.  There are always a few bad dog owners that ruin things for everyone else, and this wood closure is no exception.  It seriously annoys me when I see irresponsible dog owners.  It’s really quite simple to be a responsible dog owner: don’t let your dog off the lead unless it walks within a few metres of you and comes to heel when called.  Simple.  My Father rarely used a lead with our German Shepherd, but we never had any problems because she was well-trained and we never let her run off to accost people or other dogs.  Not everyone loves your dog as much as you do!

Ok, rant over. haha.

New camera strap

Father Christmas was very good to me, and he bought me a new camera strap for the camera I bought last autumn.

Camera strap

It’s off Etsy, and it’s worth having a browse for camera straps on there as there are lots of goodies available.

With my other camera, I made the strap myself and it was good fun.  However, I wanted this strap to have clips so that I could remove the strap easily when I didn’t want it.  I use this camera to take macros so I won’t always want the strap in the way.  The clips make it easy to remove the strap, and the clips themselves mesh together so that you can create a handle after unclipping the strap.

There are so many instructions for decorating camera straps nowadays, and so many pretty straps for sale, that there’s no excuse for not jazzing up your camera!