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A heron in flight

A random post for you today. I caught a picture of a heron in flight last week and wanted to share it with you. It’s not great, but it’s obvious what it is!

This bird is not on my list of birds to photograph. In fact, only two are: a kingfisher and a bird of prey (I’m not fussy about what!). I keep seeing birds of prey and they keep taunting me, but one day. Hopefully! I’ve never even seen a kingfisher properly.  I saw a flash of blue once!

Heron in flightWe had a pond in my childhood home, and one day a heron came and ate all the fish.  Then we didn’t have any fish any more.  That is my heron related story.


Welcome to Lincolnshire

We grow things.

Wheat field

We also have nature reserves.  The photos below are all from a wildflower meadow.  You can get the names of plants by hovering over the photos.

Wildflower meadow 1

Wildflower meadow 2

Meadow brown butterfly

Common spotted orchid 1

Common spotted orchid 2

Buttercups in the skyWe didn’t stay at the meadow that long.  There were lots of horse flies and they can be nasty little critters.  It was also very hot without much shade.  But it was lovely!

Have a good day.

Purple, yellow, pink and green

I’ve been on a couple of walks over the last few days, but they have been a bit disappointing photography-wise.  I assume everyone goes through phases like this, when all their photos are boring?  Delete delete delete!

Bluebells April 2014 1

Bluebells are now in full bloom in UK woods, and they’re beautiful. The rich purple carpets are a lovely sight, so get out there!

New pink converse

I have new Converse!  Not for any particular reason.  They were just so pink that I had to have them!

Skechers on the go 2014

Then I ordered some Skechers, because the trainers I have are rubbish and I haven’t been able to find a new pair that I like.  I am undecided on these so far.  I don’t remember buying trainers to be this hard when I was a teenager.  All I want to do is use them for walking!

Twig lichen

I still love lichen. I’m buying a guide to identifying lichens soon :)

Green-veined white

This is a green-veined white butterfly. It has very delicate veins on its wings.

Small tortoiseshell in sunlight

This photo is quite blurry, but I like it because you can see how transparent the butterfly’s wings are in the sunlight.

Giant fungus

Look at this fungus!  it’s so big and old that it has moss and lichens growing on it!!!

Cowslip portrait 2014

I got asked to do a photoshoot for work, so I had to practice demonstrating flowers and stuff (I work for a conservation charity).  Here I am showing a cowslip!  Sadly you won’t see me in print any time soon; there were too many women in the magazine so I agreed to be swapped for a man :P  (We didn’t want to get complaints that there were no men in our magazine!)


I couldn’t think of a good title for this post. However, I got some brilliant photos when I went birdwatching on Saturday. I didn’t see many birds, but I saw a mink for the first time! It was swimming in the canal, and eventually it posed for a photo for me!

Mink in water pipe

Squirrel eating buds 3

Squirrel eating buds

Squirrel eating buds 2

Robin on a fallen branch

Chaffinch on the pathHappy Monday!


It was my birthday at the weekend, and my sister came home to celebrate.  We went for a very cold walk to look at some snowdrops.  We didn’t stay long in the woods as it was freezing and muddy, but I took two photos to make it worthwhile.

Snowdrops March 2014
Snowdrops 2 March 2014

Double win! Sunrise and a rainbow

On the way to work this morning there was a beautiful sunrise.  We get quite a lot of them at this time of year, and I love it when the sky is all red.

To the east, we have a sunrise.
Then, it randomly started raining heavily.  The sunrise was still doing its thing, and we got a beautiful rainbow too!

And to the northwest we have a rainbow!

After that it was boring, because it got really dark and rained all day.  But hey ho, you can’t have everything!

(It is in fact still raining as I write this at 5pm!)

A nice frost

Last Sunday we had a lovely frost; everything was crisp and white.  I went for a walk at a local wood and took some icy photos. (For those who follow me on Twitter, this is not the same wood where we got the car stuck on Wednesday. Although it was equally mud at both places!)

frosted gate lock

Frosty walk

Frosted leaf

frost on violets

Frozen puddle 1

Frozen puddle 2

Frozen puddle 3

Sun in woods

Despite the nature of these photos, this winter has been very mild (aside from the endless rain), and there have been many reports of flowers germinating and birds nesting because of the mild weather.  The temperatures have got nature confused and it thinks spring is already here.  They’ll get a shock if winter arrives in February.

The wood where these photos were taken has since shut to the public because of a dog attack.  There are always a few bad dog owners that ruin things for everyone else, and this wood closure is no exception.  It seriously annoys me when I see irresponsible dog owners.  It’s really quite simple to be a responsible dog owner: don’t let your dog off the lead unless it walks within a few metres of you and comes to heel when called.  Simple.  My Father rarely used a lead with our German Shepherd, but we never had any problems because she was well-trained and we never let her run off to accost people or other dogs.  Not everyone loves your dog as much as you do!

Ok, rant over. haha.

Winter birds at the fishing lake

Last Wednesday I had the day off, so my Mother and I went to explore a fishing lake we’ve recently discovered near our allotment.  Britain is currently in the middle of a particularly crappy winter, and our trip to the lake was no exception!  The wind was rough, but for once it didn’t rain.

There were a lot of birds, but I didn’t manage to photograph them all.  These photos were all edited on my Mac, using Pixelmator.  Please let me know if you have any pointers for using this editing software.  On the whole, I didn’t find the process too painful, but everything is still new.  Click or hover on the images to get the bird names.

Robin at Balderton

Mixed goose at Balderton

Coot at Balderton

Canada Goose at Balderton

Duck at Balderton

Domestic goose at Balderton

Common gull at Balderton

Sparrow at Balderton

Robin at Balderton 2

If you’re wondering, the Canada Goose is my favourite photo. I love the contrast of the water and the green verge.

A christmas walk with a bang!

That is a terrible blog post title. It’s hunting season, and here in Lincolnshire there is a thriving shooting community (and fox hunting community – it’s probably the same people in each club). My Christmas walk yesterday went something like this: Walk along for a few metres. Spot little bird in tree nearby. Focus camera. Jump as gunshot rings across fields. Curse as all birds flee deep into undergrowth. Repeat. I didn’t even have the opportunity to take rubbish photos as so many of my photos were interrupted before I’d even pressed the button!

I did manage to get pictures of the couple of birds though, and I saw a cormorant. They always remind me of the Flannan Isle lighthouse keepers mystery. We studied it at school. I think there is a poem where the lighthouse keepers were cursed to roam the seas as cormorants?

Great tit on ash tree keys

The great tits were loving the ash keys. I guess there is good eating in the seed clusters.

Long-tailed tit

The little long-tailed tits are adorable. They flutter around as a group and they enjoyed the oak trees.


The chaffinches were enjoying having a rummage around in the grass on the path in front of me.


There were quite a few moorhens around, but this one caught my attention because it was trying to avoid the cold, cold water.

The birds on the water didn’t flinch at the sound of gunshots, unlike the birds on land. I guess they think they are safe on water away from their predators (it’s a reservoir).

Great tit

It’s hard taking photos of birds in silhouette. I don’t really like doing it, but at this time of year the sun is always so low in the sky. At least you can see some of the colour on this great tit.

There is a kingfisher living at this reservoir, but I haven’t seen it. I’ve wanted to see (and hopefully photograph) a kingfisher for four years now, but I still haven’t achieved it. I have a list of known kingfisher spots in the area, but they always hide when I come round!

I hope you’ve had a nice Christmas walk. And if you haven’t got out yet, you really should get some air in those lungs! Then you can eat more chocolate!