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My cat fabric, and why I am sad

I recently came across a fabric company called Frumble, who stock a fantastic range of fabrics (seriously, I could buy most of their store). I ordered three fabrics at 2m each: a red owl fabric to make a Christmas top, a yellow wolf fabric and a cream cat fabric, also for tops.

When I received the fabrics, I threw the whole lot in the wash, along with some towels and other miscellaneous items (I hate running a half-empty washing machine!). Because I intended to use the fabrics to make clothing, it’s a good idea to wash them first, then they do any shrinking before you’ve cut and measured them (no-one wants to spend ages making a top only for it to shrink the first time you wash it!).

This is where my tale of woe starts, because the red owl fabric leaked, and dyed all the white and cream items in my wash an inconsistent shade of pink. For the tea towels that got dyed, I didn’t care, but my lovely new cat fabric that I’d just spent £24 (40$) on was one of the pink victims.

Dyed cat fabric

At this point, I contacted Frumble to let them know what had happened, to see if they could replace the cat fabric. My reasoning is as follows:

1) There was no warning on the red fabric that it was liable to leak and dye everything pink

2) I’ve been sewing regularly for four years now, and I’ve never had a new fabric leak in the washing machine (and I wash quilts after I’ve sewn them so if I did have this problem it would be a disaster!)

Frumble replied that red fabrics often leak, and suggested I buy a colour corrector detergent thing to wash the fabric with, which I don’t want to do because a) I’d never use it again so it’s a waste of money, and b) I go out of my way not to put chemicals in the wash so I’m not going to start now.

I emailed them back to point this out, and also to point out that saying that reds often leak is not an adequate response, given that I haven’t had this problem before and the fabric didn’t carry a warning (either in the shipping note or on their website). Frumble ignored my second email, and I’ve not had a response.

If the cat fabric had been dyed pink evenly, I would probably have used it to make a top, as I’m really not fussy. However, it hasn’t dyed evenly and as such is unsuable.

The reason I wrote this post is because I wanted your views on the issue. Do you think I’m being unreasonable with my request for a replacement?

Is it my fault that the cat fabric got dyed since I mixed my colours and whites, or is it Frumble’s fault for knowing that the red fabric might leak and not advising customers to be careful?

I’m not going to do anything with your responses (i.e. launch a campaign or anything like that!), I’m just genuinely interested in your thoughts on this. Who is wrong?

Pink and blue crochet mat

I love putting clashing colours together.  It’s very satisfying!  A couple of weeks ago I had an urge to crochet, so I picked out some pink and blue yarns from my stash (it grows ever bigger!).

Crochet mat 1

Originally, this was going to be a scarf, but I made it in single stitch crochet and I had nowhere near enough yarn to do it!  So, I decided to make it into a mat for my spider plant.

Crochet mat 2

My bedroom is pinks and blues so it matched nicely.

Crochet mat 3

I think it looks good!  (I never block anything so it’s a little wrinkly, but I don’t care!)

New cushion covers for furniture

While I was off on my break, my Mum and I made new cushion covers for the conservatory furniture. We bought the fabric for covering the cushions a year ago, but my Mum hates sewing and kept putting it off. Eventually I told her she had to do it!

Making chair covers 1

Making chair covers 2

We used the original covers as templates for making the new covers.  There are actually two ways we could have done this, and the alternative would have been to use the foam inners as the templates for the covers.

Making chair covers 3

Making chair covers 4

The original cushion covers had worn through, but the new ones are made of regular weight cotton so they’ll wear through in time too.  To slow this down, we lined the larger cushion cover with wadding.

Making chair covers 6

And here are the finished pieces!  Don’t they look lovely!  The sizing is a little off with the blue cover, so you can see a corner is a little wrinkled, but we can live with that (it’s Archie’s chair anyway!).

Speaking of Archie, she supervised the entire process to make sure we didn’t do anything silly.

Making chair covers 5

And here is the furniture together!  It’s not a big room so it’s hard to get the angle right for photographs!  I made the pink cushion covers a few years ago.  We’re thinking about getting rid of the rug on the floor and just leaving the floor bare, but we haven’t got round to it yet!

Making chair covers 7

Knit knit knitting

I still haven’t finished either of my knitting projects, but it’s not for lack of trying!  For the last two months, one of my goals has been to knit four hours a week, which I have been doing.  I’m a slow knitter, and having two projects on the go means everything takes a silly amount of time to complete.

The two tops I’m making are from the same pattern, they’re just in different weights and colours.  I’m now doing the front of both tops.  Then it’s just the sleeves and the sewing to do.  Hopefully they will be finished for winter!

Knitting July 2014

My tape measure is for left-handed people, hence why it runs from right to left, instead of left to right :)

A mushroom sunglasses case

I bought some new prescription sunglasses this year (I can finally see in sunlight!), and they came in the biggest sunglasses case ever!  They’re Roxy sunglasses, so they really should know better.  Who has space in their already-bulging handbag for a giant sunglasses case?  Nobody, that’s who!  So, I took it upon myself to make a new one for the glasses.  I chose an inner fabric of bright orange and an outer fabric of mushrooms.  I love this fabric so much!

Sunglasses case 1

It’s basically sewn together the same way I made this bottle bag (still in weekly use!), but with a binding edge like you’d do for quilted blankets.  I used a hand stitch to do the binding which you can see in the photos.  It’s cute, I think.

Sunglasses case 2

I lined the case with wadding to protect the sunglasses, and I forgot to cut diagonally across the corners to make it easier to turn the right way round, and the result is that the case is slightly asymmetrical.  However, it only took an hour to rustle up and is perfectly useable!  A very quick and easy job for anyone to do!

Sunglasses case 3

My sunglasses now live in my bag for sunny days!

Phone pouch for bike

Here’s a random thing I made whilst I was on my holiday.  I had originally intended for this knitted thing to be a scarf, but I didn’t like it.  Then I was on my exercise bike getting annoyed about the fact that there was no where to put my phone, and I decided I should make a pouch.  And suddenly I had a use for the knitting I didn’t like!

Phone pouch for bike

This is definitely one of my more random craft projects, but it works!

Crochet ripple blanket update – it’s nearly finished!

Crochet blanket April 2014

My crochet blanket is getting very big.  I’m very excited with it.  I love the colours!  I have eight stripes left to do.  I’m planning to finish it in May.

Crochet blanket April 2014 2

I was going to do edging in cream when I’d finished the stripes, but now I think I’m going to do no edging at all.  I don’t want to detract from the stripes.  Any thoughts on this?

Charity project #18

I finished a charity scarf this weekend.  I didn’t intend to, as I’m supposed to be focussing on my knitted top.  It just happened, as these things often do.

I don’t really like it, but I guess that doesn’t matter as it’s not for me.  I made a stocking stitch and used up scraps of yarn.  It’s not very exciting.

Charity project 18