A nice frost

Last Sunday we had a lovely frost; everything was crisp and white.  I went for a walk at a local wood and took some icy photos. (For those who follow me on Twitter, this is not the same wood where we got the car stuck on Wednesday. Although it was equally mud at both places!)

frosted gate lock

Frosty walk

Frosted leaf

frost on violets

Frozen puddle 1

Frozen puddle 2

Frozen puddle 3

Sun in woods

Despite the nature of these photos, this winter has been very mild (aside from the endless rain), and there have been many reports of flowers germinating and birds nesting because of the mild weather.  The temperatures have got nature confused and it thinks spring is already here.  They’ll get a shock if winter arrives in February.

The wood where these photos were taken has since shut to the public because of a dog attack.  There are always a few bad dog owners that ruin things for everyone else, and this wood closure is no exception.  It seriously annoys me when I see irresponsible dog owners.  It’s really quite simple to be a responsible dog owner: don’t let your dog off the lead unless it walks within a few metres of you and comes to heel when called.  Simple.  My Father rarely used a lead with our German Shepherd, but we never had any problems because she was well-trained and we never let her run off to accost people or other dogs.  Not everyone loves your dog as much as you do!

Ok, rant over. haha.