The ripple crochet blanket, third try

Unfortunately, I had to restart my ripple blanket, and had to undo 24 rows. It was as annoying as it sounds! The width of the blanket wasn’t quite right, and as a result my balls of yarn kept finishing just before the end of their colour block.

Ripple blanket third cast on 1

I’ve now finished restarting the blanket, and am back to where I was before I realised the problem. I dropped 14 stitches from the width, and now each ball of yarn makes it to the end of its three rows.

Ripple blanket third cast on 2

The yarn I’m working with is a cotton blend, and it’s so soft and lovely. I’d definitely recommend it. It’s called Rico Design Creative Cotton Aran, and it’s £1.89 per 50g.

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