New Dubarry leather boots

New leather boots 1

Last week, I got some new boots for winter.  I sorted through my boots during the summer and I was one pair short (in my head) so I’ve been keeping an eye out for a pair I liked.  Unfortunately, I didn’t find a pair that I liked.  Dubarry boots have been on my wishlist for pretty much five years, but they are so expensive that they have never moved on to my shopping list.  UNTIL NOW!

Let’s be honest here, I bought them on a whim because I was fed up of lusting after them.  And I’m not telling you how much they cost because it is extortionate!  However, they are actually riding boots, which means heavy wear is expected and I can wear them for walking without getting wet feet.  They also look nice so I can wear them to work.  Win win!

It’s good that I like them, as I now have to wear them for the next decade to justify the price!

New leather boots 2

  • Mike

    My eldest daughter has a pair of those – so I KNOW how much they cost! You can’t put a price on being dry and warm (she says) and pretty much wears them constantly from September to April.

    Enjoy your new boots.

    • Millie Logica

      Haha your daughter is right, and has good taste!

  • Heidi

    ooh I have boot envy, I’m not asking if they do them in black as I’m sure I won’t be able to afford them…. :-(