The ultimate book list

Recently, I came across this post by Ray about his thousand books project. Many of you know this already, but I love a good spreadsheet. I also love to read, so Ray has managed to combine two great things!

His post stayed with me long after I’d read it. I’m impressed by the fact he’s almost read 1000 books, but that wasn’t the bit that excited me. The fact that he can pull up all these stats about his reading habits is the cool bit (I realise you might not share this enthusiasm for statistics, so feel free to skip this post!).

As it happens, 2005 (the year Ray’s list starts) is the year I turned 18, and it’s also the year I started recording all the books I’d read in a consistent format. Unfortunately for me, that format was decidedly un-electronic; I wrote the details of the book in the back of my journal.

Feeling inspired by Ray, I decided to turn all of my reading information into a spreadsheet, and spent a very enjoyable afternoon going through all my notebooks and typing up the information! Aside from a period of a few months during university where there is nothing recorded (did I do no reading or just not record it?), I think it’s a pretty accurate list of the books I’ve read since I became an adult.

Book spreadsheet

In total, I have read 376 books (I’m very behind Ray, although the number has gone up a bit since I pulled off this info). I always think that I mostly read nonfiction, but after looking at my stats, I read a fairly even mix of fiction and nonfiction. Sorry for the garish colours! I got started and then I couldn’t stop! I did read a lot more fiction in my younger days than I do now.

Reading patterns 2005 to 2013

I decided to have a look in more detail at my nonfiction reading, and that was pretty much as I expected. Over half the nonfiction books I’ve read are either travel or biography. Definitely my favourite book genre!

Reading patterns nonfiction2005 to 2013

Aren’t spreadsheets fun! I love them!

  • Heather

    I love this idea! I think I’m going to have to borrow it :) I’ve been recording all the books I’ve read since the end of 2008 (like you, just by writing them in the back of a notebook), so it will be interesting to see what trends come up.

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