New red shoes!

New red shoes

I finally have some new shoes!  After the Spartoo saga I refuse to shop from them, so I had to start my search for new shoes all over again.  However, my search for a new pair of trainers coincided with Fair Corp launching a sale.  I own a pair of their white low-tops already, so it was an easy decision to buy a pair of their shoes at half price!

Fair Corp manufacture ethically-made Converse style trainers.  They’re made with sustainably-sourced rubber and Fairtrade cotton.  They basically look exactly the same as Converse, but with decent credentials.  They also make flip flops, although I’ve never tried them.  You can view their full range of shoes here (bonus: the sale is still on!).

I bought a bright red pair of low tops.  I really like the orange and teal ones as well, but they didn’t have them in my size, and £22 is too good a deal to pass up!  I paid full price for my white ones (which I still have), and they are worth that, but £22 is a bargain!

When I went for a walk this week, I noticed that I have a thing for red footwear.  It’s not related to the Wizard of Oz, honestly.  I hate that film!

Red wellies and red shoes

*This blog post isn’t sponsored, I’m just showing off my new shoes!