Misc photos from the last couple of weeks

Does anyone else find that photos just accumulate on phones?  Usually I take a photo with something in mind, and then for whatever reason it doesn’t get shared.  Maybe I took it for Twitter and then forgot to post it, or took it for a blog post but changed my mind about writing it.  Anyway, whatever the reason, I have a few misc. photos that haven’t made it into tweets or blog posts that I wanted to share!

phone cover

I’ve had my new phone cover a couple of months now, but I never showed you, so here it is!


I’ve been doing a bit more walking than usual to get back in the habit, which really means I’ve been looking at lots of trees (I love walking in woods).  I like hunting for fungi!

Strawberries 2013

It’s finally strawberry season.  The UK had a very mild May which delayed a lot of spring crops, but these strawberries more than make up for it. Yum yum yum!  I’m picking twice a week at the moment (about 1/3 our allotment is strawberry plants!).

Blue Denby mug

I live with my Mother (I know most of you know this already, but just in case any of you missed it!) and I have a new cupboard in the kitchen.  I’ve brought all my tea stuff down from the loft, so now if you come for tea/coffee I can basically offer you any number of mugs or cups.  I also have a weird fascination with earth coloured Denby mugs, and have six already!  The one above is my favourite.


I wore a skirt! In public! I’m very much a trousers and t-shirt girl, but when it’s hot you just need a skirt. I’m feeling very summery this year.

So that’s my collection of random photos.  Maybe you should do a blog post about yours!