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I’ve got lots of links to share today, so maybe you should go get a cup of tea and then come back to this page.  Ready?

Here’s an interesting article on how to tell if you’re a digital hoarder.  I’m actually not that bad.  I do try to file things sensibly, and I’m fairly strict about deleting old files and emails that I no longer need.  Last year I went through a period of closing down website accounts I no longer used (you get double points for that as it’s good for protecting your identity too!) and I try to be strict about what apps I have on my iPad and iPhone.  It’s always good to be reminded of this though, and your computer will thank you if you clear the hard drive every now and then!

Here are some other practical tips on editing your life and streamlining your possessions.  Less is more!

I love the idea of vertical gardens.  I wonder how practical it is in reality though, as the plants at the top probably don’t get much water (as it will sink to the bottom).  They’d need a lot of care.

Have you ever thought about hiking a city?  This person has been hiking L.A.  I like to walk to be close to nature, so it strikes me as a very odd thing to do, but I guess urban hiking like this is fun for a different reason.  You get to see interesting architecture and people.

Look!  It’s a new way of tying a scarf!  I have done this and it’s great.

There was recently a new documentary on North America, and the photos of the wildlife are brilliant.  Definitely worth a look.  I love wolves!

Behind the scenes Star Wars photos!  I especially love the ones of Chewie and Princess Leia being inappropriate!  They must have had so much fun shooting the films.

 An article on burning old journals.  I really don’t know how I feel about this.  I have all my old journals, but I’m always torn between getting rid of them and keeping them for posterity.  Just what, exactly, am I keeping them for?  I never look at them, and I don’t want anyone else to look at them either.  I’d hate to get rid of them and then regret it though.

Photos of a cacti farm.  That’s really all I can say about that!  Brilliant photos.

I use my iPhone for a lot of my photos, so I was interested in this article about how phones have changed photography.  It’s so much easier to take photos on the go now (and edit them on the go).  We can take photos of literally anything and it doesn’t matter, as it requires no extra technology and really very little skill!

Here’s a motivational post for you: become the author of your own story.

This is some hardcore crochet: tiny tiny crochet animals.  They’re so tiny!  I don’t think I have hands that could do that work, even if I practised lots.  It would be really fiddly!  You should have a look in the Etsy shop when you’ve read the post, as there are some beautiful tiny things in there!

You probably saw on the news about the flooding in Calgary (Canada), but did you hear about the hippo that tried to run (swim) away?

Archaeologists have found a lost city in Mexico.  I love that we still keep finding things like this, even though we think we know everything and think we have seen everything there is to see.  The world holds many mysteries!

I love it when a brand has a good back story, and this brand is no exception.  Original Crown Mill date back to the Roman Empire, how epic is that!

To finish with, here is an infographic on the psychology of colour.  Absolutely fascinating!

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