July spending fast

This month, I am sort of doing a spending fast. I say sort of, because I have some unavoidable “fun” bills that need paying (like the bill for my new blog header).

My plan is to avoid any unnecessary spending for one month. Some things will crop up – they always do – but I’ll try to avoid spending just for fun on me. Does that make sense?

I’ve tried to plan through what I know I will spend money on this month, so I don’t feel guilty about it.

My sister was home last weekend, so I factored in money for a Chinese (yum!). My best friend is moving to the town next to me (she’s currently 200 miles away) so I need to think about a pressie and card (also, best news ever!).

I’m going to wait until August to get my new shoes, so I will be a little scruff a while longer!

I’m a bit rubbish at doing minimalist spending all the time, as my brain goes “Ooo, shiny new notebook” etc., but it’s satisfying to do it for a month. You get to see how much willpower you really have, and you save money in the process!

I will report back at the end of the month and let you know how successful it was. Also, I know I’m already a few days in, but feel free to join me. My month is running from the 25th to the 25th (payday!), but you could run yours from the 4th to the 4th (for example).

  • http://fromthepencup.wordpress.com Mary C

    I ‘m planning to follow your lead! And it’s more fun if you have someone to team up with. I need to do a better job at enjoying & using what I already have rather than chasing down shiny things. In August, I’m going to the DC Pen Show as part of a vacation, so that would be a BAD month to attempt this feat. Wishing us willpower and success!

    • http://mslogica.com Millie Logica

      Good luck, Mary! You can use the pen show as motivation to save this month :P

  • http://www.fennellbooks.co.uk Helen

    Good luck! What an excellent idea. :)