Coloured moleskines

Did you know that you can get the standard Moleskine notebooks in various colours? I didn’t, but my Grandma recently bought me two, in purple and green.

Coloured moleskines

They are classic large, hardback Moleskines, but pretty colours instead of the standard black. I don’t remember seeing a press release about this at all, so I thought I’d share in case you didn’t know about it either!

My Grandma picked these up in Paris, but I’ve had a rummage on the web and found the full range of colours on the Moleskine website.

My favourite UK stationery websites aren’t stocking them, but in the U.S the European Paper Company have them in stock, and over in Australia Notemaker are stocking them (they’re stocking them on their British website too, but this is new and I’ve never used it).

  • Zoe at Splodz Blogz

    I love my little lime green moleskines – I’ve been trying to get replacements as I’m running out of pages but can’t find them in town anywhere. Looks like it’ll have to be an online purchase, then.

  • Estivalia

    I hadn’t heard about these notebooks either. Glad to see Moleskine is jumping into the colored notebook bandwagon. Sadly I rarely use Moleskine anymore because the paper is hit and miss when it comes to fountain pens. The Rhodiarama notebooks and Leuchtturn 1917 both come in a colorful array and are filled with fp-friendly paper ;)

    • Millie Logica

      I agree re paper quality, but I still just like the compact neatness of a Moleskine. I guess I’m weird!

  • Abby

    I NEED the white moleskin. NEED I SAY!

    • Millie Logica

      Hehe, I’ve never seen one of those in the flesh. I figure it would only stay white for about 5 mins with me though, before I make it grubby-looking!