Afternoon tea (in the evening)

Last Tuesday, my Mother and I had the day off together.  This doesn’t happen very often, so we had a fake holiday. We went to the local farm shop, then to a sewing shop (it’s new and amazing!), and then came home and made jam and sorbet (I missed a step and now it’s a block of raspberry ice!).  In the afternoon, we went for a walk at some local fishing lakes, and I watched a bird swallow a fish in one go.  In the evening we had afternoon tea, with our home-grown strawberries, sandwiches and tea.  I used my butterfly tea set, and we ate in the garden.  It was absolutely lovely.

The sandwiches we had were cucumber, pork and egg (separately, not together!).  The bread is rye bread, so it looks a bit darker than normal bread.  We ate the strawberries with Greek yoghurt (yum yum!).  I had lemonade as well as tea because it was so hot and I was so thirsty.  It was an organic lemonade by Belvoir, but it was quite sweet and not actually very lemony.  I’ve made homemade ones that are a lot nicer!  The cupcake is from the farm shop we visited earlier in the day, and was a delicious raspberry cake.  The tea is a blend I’m meant to be reviewing at some point, so I won’t go into that, but it was nice!

Sorry for the odd photo size.  I usually crop to 670, but for some reason I forgot the number and I’ve cropped all the images to 460!  And I overwrote the original files, so I couldn’t correct it.  Bad Millie.

Afternoon tea in the evening 1

Afternoon tea in the evening 2

Afternoon tea in the evening 3

Afternoon tea in the evening 4

Afternoon tea in the evening 5

Afternoon tea in the evening 6

Afternoon tea in the evening 7

Afternoon tea in the evening 8

Afternoon tea in the evening 9

Looking at these photos makes me want to have afternoon tea all over again!

  • Mickey@EuroAmerican Home

    Millie, I think your entire tea set collection is so adorable.

    • Millie Logica

      Thank you!

  • industrial bloom

    Really like your tea set

  • Abby

    There is no afternoon tea in Texas, and it makes me sad on an almost daily basis. Beautiful photos!!

    • Millie Logica

      You could make your own!

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