baby ducks

Morning, little munchkins. I hope you’re all well! I’ve been doing a photo-a-day project again. I did one in January so I thought it would be fun to do one in June (the middle of the year). However, this week I have been very disappointed with my photos. A bad workman blames his tools, so I’ve been looking at the latest camera models on the market. There are some really good products out there (personally, after reading reviews, I’m a new fan of the Nikon Coolpix p520).

I have a dSLR (a Nikon d60), and I’m desperate to leave auto behind (and some of the lenses I have don’t work well with auto anyway), but I get so frustrated with the quality of my photos sometimes. I just don’t seem to be improving! I know a lot of you are keen photographers (and some of you are amazing), but hopefully you can relate!

I can’t really afford to buy a new camera simply because I suck, so I’ve compromised and ordered a new photography book and a new memory card (did you know that the type of memory card you use in your camera is important? I didn’t, and apparently I’ve been using a slow one that isn’t adequate for my camera’s needs! There’s a handy guide on this website).

Anyway, I photographed some ducklings and their parents this week, so here are a few snaps for you.

Ducks at the boat club

Mallard duckling

Mallard duckling feeding

Photo 06-06-2013 18 03 01

Two mallard ducklings

Mallard duck

  • Dave P

    Sounds like you have the gear… just need more practice perhaps?
    How about ten a day till you see an improvement – 100 if you feel like it?
    Just for you, throw away after noting what could improve?
    Assuming you have the basics, it must be either composition or just
    more practice.. makes lots better?