Bunting, part I

I’ve probably said before on here that I’m not a fan of using sewing machines.It’s boring, too fast and too easy to make mistakes (and too slow to correct them!). I prefer sewing by hand. I can take my time, place stitches carefully and generally not make any mistakes.

Having said that, sometimes sewing machines are necessary for projects, and I recently got mine out again to make some bunting for the garden. This came about for two reasons. My neighbour had a new fence put in along our shared boundary last year, and we don’t want to paint it. As such, it needs something interesting on it. Also, someone on the street next to mine has put neon-coloured knitted bunting in their front garden and it’s so colourful and summery!

Bunting part 1

Bunting is very simple to make (there are a lot of patterns on the web), and I have a lot of scrap fabric to play with. I did buy some organic cotton ribbon, which was £15 for 15m. Everything else I’m using I already own.

When it’s finished I’ll photograph it hanging in the garden!

  • http://www.dpawson.co.uk Dave P

    “I can take my toms, place stitches carefully”….
    Images of slowly stitching tomatoes together…. Made me smile this ‘summer’ morning.

    • http://mslogica.com Millie Logica

      Darn it, “take my time”! Thanks for flagging it up!