Two little stories

At the moment, it feels like the weather is a never-ending mix of snow and rain, with the occasional flash of sunshine to give us hope! I am so ready for spring!

On Thursday, I wore a short sleeve top for the first time this year (it was still a jumper though, I’m not that crazy!). It felt nice to not have lots of layers on! I was horrified by how white my arms are though, even though it’s natural after a winter under fabrics! As I was gardening (for 15 mins, before it started raining), I swear I was actually glittery like a well-known vampire!

I’m always in two minds about fake tan. I like looking brown, but the idea of painting yourself a colour is ridiculous. Ideally, I’d just go brown from working outdoors. This will eventually happen, but it takes months in this country! Anyway, I did fake tan my arms in the end. Hopefully I will no longer glow in the dark!

In other news, my neighbour started breeding rabbits a few months ago (this is against the house deeds, but that’s a whole other story!). I’ve popped round a couple of times to meet the new babies, which are very cute, and we often chat about how funny it is that Archie is afraid of them. Even when my neighbour started, she had just three babies in a cage, and Archie was terrified of them. She could probably have swallowed one without chewing, and yet she wouldn’t go near them!

When I popped round on Thursday to say hi to the latest babies, I learned that one adult rabbit had been left to roam in the garden by itself (it’s quite tame) and Archie had tried to kill it. So the rabbit is back in a cage now, safe from Archie’s teeth. Luckily my neighbour has a sense of humour, and I’m quite impressed that Archie’s cat instincts are finally kicking in! She has been a wimp since she was a kitten, but the rabbit in question is at least her size! Of course, in reality she hasn’t got a chance in hell of taking that rabbit down – it could probably kill her with one kick, but I’m sort of pleased that she had a go. She’s finally learning to use her kitty instincts!