Sponsored posts and boring disclaimers

Due to Google’s decision to make an example of Interflora last week, a lot of bloggers have been discussing paid links and the like.

Paid links are against Google’s policies, and so they can (and will!) drop your ranking in searches if they discover you’re using them. This is obviously bad for bloggers and companies, so I thought it was time I set down what is for me common sense, but what you might not know!

Planet Millie does not accept sponsored posts, and will not share paid links. I never have, and I probably never will (never say never!). While we’re on the topic, I also do not accept ads on this blog.

I do accept discounts and freebies, but the following caveats apply:

  • I will always disclose this in the blog post for readers
  • I will not guarantee that you will have a positive review
  • If your product is truly rubbish I probably won’t write about it at all!

Most of the products I review on this blog I pay for myself. It’s hard to judge customer service if you’re being favoured by the company in the hopes of good PR, and it’s nice to write about the whole experience of buying an item, from purchase to use.

To date, I have accepted freebies and discounts from the following companies:

I love these companies and use them as a customer as well as a blogger, so I’m happy to share my experiences with you.

To date, there is only one company I actively dislike in my realm of crafting and stationery, but I’ve never named them on here as it’s negative and unfair. Still, when I’ve seen you chatting about them on Twitter I have occasionally (and will continue to) voice an opinion when relevant to the discussion.

I think that’s all the boring disclaimers out of the way. I will update this page if and when circumstances change, and there is a link in the sidebar should you need to read this post!

If you have any queries or comments, leave a comment below and I’ll answer :)

Here is a gratuitous photo of Archie for those who made it to the bottom of this page:

Archie sunbathing small

  • http://www.emmameekphotography.blogspot.com Emma Meek

    Well said!!

    Found your blog whilst googling for someone who uses the Filofax Flex system as I have just won one on ebay!

    Lovely blog and I adore your header – so pretty! :)

    Em :)

    • http://mslogica.com Millie Logica

      Thank you, Emma :) Good luck with your Flex! I’ve actually just switched over to a new system, which I’ll be blogging about later this week, but I do like the flex.