Decorating eggs

We’re having a competition at work to decorate eggs, and I’ve decided to take part. I’ve never decorated an egg before (which is really quite shocking given the number of out-of-school clubs I was involved with as a child!).

My first step was to blow out some eggs. Yey for the Internet with its multitude of instructions! I only did two because it was hard and I got bored! I then washed the egg shells, baked them for 10 mins at 180C (this is supposed to harden them) and then left them overnight to cool.

I wiped a weak vinegar/water solution over the eggshell, and then painted it with some fountain pen ink (J. Herbin Bleu nuit).  When it had dried, I stuck on sequin stars with Loctite (and got glue everywhere in the process!).  I love Loctite (it’s really good at its job), but it is a nasty chemical so don’t use it with children.  Use normal PVA glue with children, as it’s safe and peels off skin (Loctite doesn’t!).

Easter egg

I think it’s quite good for my first egg!  You can see my finger prints, but never mind!

On a completely unrelated note, I don’t have a category for doing crafts, so I guess I’ve never shared any on here before!  (I still don’t have a category because I don’t do crafts that often!)

  • Claire Lecysyn

    très joli

  • Heather

    I love your decorated egg, Millie! Someone who didn’t want to glue on the stars could use star stickers – they might not look quite as good as the sequins but would be easier to use without worrying about glue.

    • Millie Logica

      Good idea, thanks Heather.

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