Product review: We Are What We Do notebook

I recently reviewed a planner made by We Are What We Do, and I told you that I’d be reviewing the notebook they make too… And here we are!

We Are What We Do make a series of notebooks, available in rainbow colours and in different sizes. This review is for the large notebook, and I bought it in orange (my favourite colour!). The white cardboard sleeve on the notebook says that notebooks are for making mistakes. I totally agree! Doodle! Embrace life!

Like the planner, the cover is a cardboard cover with a waxy finish. It feels like you could wipe it clean, but I haven’t bothered since it creases easily.  The logo is embossed on the front cover and reads “Action notebook”.  (Sidenote: for some reason, as I was typing that I wrote “Achtung” instead, which is German!)   There’s blurb on the back about the charity and the paper source.  The notebook is made with FSC-certified paper, and is manufactured in Singapore.

We are what we do notebook 3

The ribbon is a lovely purple colour in the orange edition of the notebook, and the inside covers are purple too.  There is a lot of colour in this notebook – there are sheets throughout the notebook that are coloured and have fun actions for you to complete.  The pages are also lined with different colours.  The whole notebook has a fun feel!

We are what we do notebook 2

The paper quality is the same as it is in the planner, i.e. AMAZING.  The paper is so thick it’s almost card, with a good white finish.  It’s smooth and takes fountain pens wonderfully.  It even takes Sharpie as long as you don’t scribble too much!  No feathering, no show-through and only a little bleed-through on the Sharpie.  This is how notebooks should be made – it is such a pleasure to use.

We are what we do notebook 1

The notebook doesn’t lie flat by itself, although it is cardboard so you could force it if you want to.  The binding is quite tight in the spine so I don’t think it’s going to soften with age.

If you’re looking for a new notebook for a project, or life brain-storming, I recommend this brand!