Pretty Nostalgic

My Mother recently noticed a WI group chatting with a new magazine on Twitter called Pretty Nostalgic, and when we had a look at their website, we decided to buy a few copies and see what it was all about.  Pretty Nostalgic is an independent vintage lifestyle magazine, and you can tell from their website that everything will be pretty!

Pretty Nostalgic magazine 1

The magazines aren’t cheap at £8, but then they only come out every other month so it averages out over a year.  We bought issues 1, 4 and 5 (there are 5 so far published), but I think we might pick up the other two copies we’re missing.  These are magazines to be saved.  They’re printed on thick environmentally-friendly paper, and are excellent quality.  The paper also has a matte finish instead of gloss, which I love!

Pretty Nostalgic magazine 2

The magazine focuses on vintage and simple living, and features articles on lifestyle, hobbies and crafts.  There is a heavy focus on Britain and all that we have to offer.

Pretty Nostalgic magazine 3

The photos in the magazine are lovely, and there are some really quirky people featured.  The photo above is from an article discussing vintage camera collecting.  The magazine basically feels like a celebration of the blogging corner of the internet, with all its arty and craft folk.

Pretty Nostalgic magazine 4

The magazine has different feature articles included each month.  The photo above is from a really interesting article on the recent history of vegetable gardening.  Until quite recently, the UK had quite an emphasis on growing veg and being sustainable, because there was a war on.  We really need to move back to this, and learn to grow some, if not all, our own veg.  The illustrations in this article are quite cute.  In fact, the whole design of the magazine just works.  It’s well thought out, and coherent.

Pretty Nostalgic magazine 5

This post isn’t sponsored, I’m just sharing the love!  You can visit the Pretty Nostalgic website here and order copies of the magazine if you wish.