Pencil crayon rainbows

One of my goals for this month is to practise my bird photography.  However, there are  no birds around (it is flipping cold here and the birds have better places to be!), so I’ve had to be creative and think up a few little projects to count as practising photography.  When I was sharpening some pencil crayons recently, I decided to make a little rainbow with them and photograph them.

I should have got my proper camera out, but I used my iPhone and tweaked the balance afterwards (in Snapseed, my favourite photography app).  Personally I think the best part of photography is the editing afterwards, but I know this is a controversial point of view!  I love changing colours, adding vintage layers, making everything look weird and having a giggle… It’s fun!




Which one is your favourite? I like number 3 best (which incidentally has a slight filter on it!).

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