Opinel and Victorinox

I’ve bought a new garden knife so I thought I’d show it to you as it’s pretty!

Opinel are a French pocket knife brand. They make their knives with wooden handles and sharp blades, and have manufactured their knives this way since the 1800s. They make good, simple knives that do their job (which is all anyone wants in a knife really!).

I’ve been browsing for a new knife on and off since last autumn, and after noticing that Opinel had started offering coloured versions of their knives, I decided to buy a blue one.

Blue Opinel Knife

I own two brands of knives (I love knives!) so I thought I’d chat a bit about both.

If you need a heavy duty pen knife, I always recommend Victorinox. They’re the Swiss Army knife brand, and they have a whole selection ranging from simple knives up to stupidly ridiculous knives that could probably run a computer for you if needed. If you’re going camping, for example, and need more than one tool on your knife, these are great. You can also get them in a range of colours (they do limited edition models and some basic colour ranges). I find sometimes the blades dull quickly, but other than that they’re fairly indestructable.

If you just need a basic knife for cutting, Opinel are the way to go. They’re much cheaper than Victorinox, and lighter. The blades are sharp and the handles are nicely shaped for prolonged use. If you use them in the kitchen, the knife only lasts about 10 years as the wood in locking mechanism (which keeps the blade open) rots with damp, but if you’re using it as a true pocket knife this won’t be a problem as it’s unlikely to get repeatedly damp.

I’ve grown up with both brands, and think they’re good brands to rely on. My Dad always had Victorinox knives in the cars and his pocket, and we always had Opinel knives in the kitchen. You can’t go wrong with either!

Boring disclaimer: Carrying a knife in the UK is considered carrying a concealed weapon, and knife crime is a serious problem in many urban areas. If you’re carrying a blade over 3 inches (thanks, Dave, for correcting this!) in length, be aware that you are breaking the law and will need to be able to explain your actions if caught!

  • http://www.dpawson.co.uk Dave P

    It’s 3 inches, not 30mm! Minor oops, but I agree on Opinel. They really keep an edge.

  • http://franklyvic.blogspot.com Vic

    I have a mini Victorinox and I absolutely love it – I agree about the blades though!