2013 Planner Week 3 & 4

Here are weeks 3 and 4 of my doodle planner (as I’m now calling it!)

Moleskine planner, week 3

Week 3

Moleskine planner, week 4

Week 4. The lighting was bad for this week’s photo, sorry about that.

  • http://hersilentmusing.com Lauren Michelle

    How cute! If I could doodle half that good, I’d make a doodle planner, too! Craftiness is something I’ve never been great at, but like to imagine I am. :)

  • http://senseofgravity.blogspot.com Nancy

    So cute!! And not MESSY!! I don’t know how you do it…

  • http://fromthepencup.wordpress.com Mary C

    I could look at these all day!

    • http://mslogica.com Millie Logica

      Aww, thanks Mary!

  • http://apenchantforpaper.blogspot.ca/ Heather

    I love your doodles, Millie! They are so fun and colourful. And I also love your colourful block letters.