Clearing out my fabric stash: Part Two

Following on from Part One of my fabric de-stashing series, this post discusses my fabric stash and how I’ve been clearing it out.

Fabric stash

The first thing to do was obviously to sort through all the fabrics and check what I had.  The photos above show my complete fabric stash.  The black box in the lower right photo is just filled with wadding pieces!  I checked the sizes, prints and condition of all the fabric pieces.  Anything that was in poor condition or too tiny to do anything useful with immediately went on the “bin” pile.

Next, I cut anything that was small but at least 6″x6″ in size into squares for a future quilt.  I have a rotary cutter, mat and ruler so this was a quick job.

Quilting squares

Next, I sorted through the larger pieces of fabric and put them in three piles: charity, eBay and keep.  The pieces for eBay were then trimmed into sensible sizes for sale (mostly fat quarters).  I didn’t do anything with the charity fabrics – just folded them and put them in a bag.  For fabrics I wanted to keep, I re-folded them and put them in the black box above.  After I’d sorted through everything, my remaining fabrics and wadding fitted into the black box in the first photo.  Much better!

When I’d finished, I had quite a large bin pile of fabrics!

Fabrics for the bin

These fabric scraps are recyclable, so they went into my recycling bin, where they’ll probably be made into carpet or chimney liner.

I haven’t done anything with the eBay pile yet (ignoring my own advice for not hoarding eBay items!).  I’ve taken the photos, but I need to follow up on this soon!