Paperchase pen with stylus

I did an online Paperchase order last week, and it arrived this morning (at 7.36AM!). I haven’t decided if I’m going to talk you through the whole order, but I did want to show you a nifty little pen I picked up, at the bargain price of £4.

Paperchase pen with stylus

The pen is a ballpoint pen, and writing-wise it’s nothing to write home about. It’s functional. As with many Paperchase pens, it is beautiful though. If you’ve never browsed their range of pens before, it’s worth a look as they have some lovely designs.

The thing that makes this a nifty little pen is that at the ‘top’ of the pen, there is a rubberised tip that works as a stylus for your tablet device. It’s brilliant. You can write away on a piece of paper, then spin the pen round and tap things on your iPad (or other tablet device). Since I do most my iPad tapping with my left hand (I’m left-handed), I assume most people do it with their dominant hand too, which you will naturally already be holding a pen in.

Paperchase pen with stylus 2

Off the top of my head, I think this will be really handy for when you’re using the calculator function on your tablet, or when you’re writing up shopping lists. For £4, it’s worth treating yourself just to see how you might use it!  You can find the pen online here.