My Filofax Flex for 2013

Now that I’ve finished my MSc, my Filofax Flex has been sitting around with no job to do (I was using it to store my notes), so I’ve decided to use it for my planner in 2013.  As already mentioned on here, I will be using a Daycraft planner in 2013, but it doesn’t have much note space (or a pen holder) so I needed to beef it up a little to suit my needs.

The Daycraft planner actually starts in December 2012, so this is my first week testing my new set-up.  I’ve taken some photos to show you what’s going on :)

Filofax Flex 2013

Filofax Flex 2013 2

Filofax Flex 2013 3

It’s very bright and colourful, don’t you think?  I like it.

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