Deleting music

Months ago now, I read a post on the Everyday Minimalist about downsizing your music collection. You can read the article yourself, but the overall point was that the author only had a digital music collection, and it was huge (200GB!). She could never find anything she wanted. So, she deleted stuff she never listens to.

I wince at that suggestion! I have music on iTunes that I’ve not listened to for years, but the point is that it is there if I want to listen to it. The funny thing is, I don’t even use iTunes any more, except for specific albums I want to listen to (Taylor Swift, Simon & Garfunkel and Fleetwood Mac mostly). I have a paid Spotify account and I use that for my everyday music needs. So, why am I hanging on to all this old music?

This post doesn’t have a conclusion. I went on iTunes with the intention of tidying it up, but I couldn’t bring myself to delete more than 40 albums, so I still have over 100 on there. It’s funny, because if they were CDs and I was having a de-clutter, I’d have no qualms about getting rid of them. But it’s something about them being digital which makes me want them to be permanent.

How big is your iTunes library? Do you even use all of it?

  • Steve

    I have 400 albums on my iTunes set up, it’s about 23 GB. But I use Smart play lists to ensure I’m listening to it all. They are easy to set up and it rotates my music nicely.

    The result of having these smart play lists is that I don’t buy many new tracks/albums, the smart play lists are digging out stuff I like but haven’t listened too for a few months.

    The iPod in my Car is also resynced every couple of months so what I’ve listened to in the car also gets recorded and that shuffles the lists up too.

    How…. read my blog post here:

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