Another work in progress

I know I’ve not been blogging much recently, and I’ve already said that one of the reasons is that I have blogger’s block.  However, another reason is that I’ve been focussing a lot on finishing my works in progress.

Last week I cleared out my yarn bags and fabric boxes, and found my autumn crochet blanket (if you look in the crochet category you will find lots of posts about this blanket!).  After laying it out on the floor (see below), I realised there isn’t that much left to do.  I’m short of a few squares, then it all needs crocheting together, and then I need to do the border.  That’s it!

autumn crochet patchwork blanket

As the pattern is different to the two crochet blankets I’ve been working on recently, it was a welcome change to sit down with this blanket and crochet a square.  I’ve got a bit bored doing granny stitches recently as it’s all I ever do!  The second granny blanket I’m making for Christmas isn’t finished yet, but I’m now finishing my autumn blanket alongside the green blanket.  Hopefully I will have both finished by Christmas.

It’s very satisfying to finish works in progress, especially when they’ve been unfinished for several years, and hopefully the momentum of finishing the blue and brown quilt and the first crochet blanket Christmas pressie will carry through on to these two projects!