Decorated keyboard with washi tape

Washi tape keyboard

I’ve been thinking about decorating my laptop keyboard with washi tape for months, after I came across the idea on another blog (her new leaf).  On Kira’s blog, she has a Mac so her keyboard is more aesthetically-friendly (see how the key shapes are almost symmetrical!).  My laptop is a Sony laptop, so my key shapes were a bit more variable, however, I finally got round to decorating whilst watching repeats of 90210.

I decided to use four tapes, and to group my keys together by colour rather than do a random arrangement of washi tapes.  It took a few hours to do, and when I was finished I realised I couldn’t actually see what the keys were any more.  I touch-type, so this wasn’t the end of the world, but I didn’t want to be stuck forever with keys I couldn’t see.  Solution?  I got out a pack of transfer letters and transferred them on to the keys!  Now I can see the letters again!  I also added a long strip of a fifth tape along the bottom of the keyboard because it looked nice.

It’s fun to have such a pretty keyboard.  My laptop already has stickers on it (a floral kitty cat and some Pacman characters), but it’s lovely to have pastel polka dot keys to type on.  If you have a few hours spare, put a film on and decorate your laptop!

4 thoughts on “Decorated keyboard with washi tape

  1. Heather

    This looks great, Millie! I’ve seen washi tape keyboards before, but I really like yours because the colours are a bit more muted and because you added letters to the keys – I like still being able to see what the keys are. I should try this myself one day – my laptop is so old, it could use some livening up!
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