Using my Filofax Flex

Last night I couldn’t log on to Planet Millie, so there was no Link tag Tuesday. It’ll be back next week, for today I have a stationery review! During the 12 days of Christmas Filofax sale, I bought a Filofax Flex when they were on offer (20% off), so I thought that I would show you how I’m using it.

I bought the bright pink A5 version of the Flex. There are lots of different inserts available, but I bought the Flex knowing that I didn’t want to use Filofax inserts. I want to use it as a notebook holder, and specifically at the moment I want to use it to keep all of my thesis notes in one place. I thus put my own notebooks in the Flex.

The Flex is very good as a notebook holder. It has a tough, faux leather cover (I wish they would make a real leather version) and it has lots of pockets for arranging your notebooks how you’d like. If you go on Google and search for Filofax Flex reviews, you will find many bloggers who have reviewed them. I’ve included some links to blogger friends at the bottom of this post.

One of the great designs with the Flex is that the pen holder can be moved to suit your needs. The pen holder is attached to a cardboard sheet that can be slotted into any of the pockets in the Flex. I’m using a large notebook in the Flex at the moment, and this feature is important because I can’t store the pen inside the Flex (the notebook is too big). However, this isn’t a problem, as I have simply slotted the pen holder so that the pen remains on the outside of the Flex.

So what does the Flex look like as a notebook holder? Like this:

On the right is my main notebook, the Daycraft Gutenberg notebook. It’s a tight fit, but it does slot in! Because the notebook is in a holder, I can stick post-it notes to the front cover (as seen above) and they don’t get knocked off in my bag, which I like.

I’m using the pockets on the left-hand side of the notebook to store miscellaneous notes. In the main horizontal pouch I’m storing a Field Notes notebook (I’ve not reviewed them on here before).

In the side pockets, behind the Field Notes notebook, I’m storing a post-it note pad and random bits of paper. I love that I can keep everything I need in one place, and the Flex is perfectly suited to my purposes.

I haven’t chosen a pen to use with the Flex yet, which is why you may have noticed that the pen holder is empty. The pen holder is a tight elastic, like Filofax pen holders often are, so it needs a narrow pen! I was actually toying with the idea of using a pencil, but I’m worried about the tip getting broken. For now I just use the pens that are in my Filofax or on my desk. I’ll keep you updated on my decision for the Flex!

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