2012 winter pen choices

On Monday night I cleaned and re-inked the fountain pens I’ll use this season (I probably won’t change again until spring).  I’ve put away a couple of my pens, because at the moment I’m conducting an experiment to see whether I like writing with pencils instead for notes and other bits and pieces.

My red Lamy with the fine nib is still inked with J.Herbin’s Bleu Nuit.  I absolutely love this nib/ink combo.  I think since I bought the pen I’ve only inked it with another ink twice!

My aquamarine Lamy with the broad nib is now inked with J.Herbin’s Lierre Sauvage.  This is controversial (to me) because I’ve previously been using the Caran D’ache Caribbean Sea ink that matched the colour of the pen (it’s a beautiful ink). However, I felt I should shake things up a little so it’s green for now!

My clear Lamy with the medium nib is still ink with Lamy inks.  I’m using up all the free cartridges I’ve received with past purchases.

And that’s it for my fountain pens at the moment!  The Montblanc is inked up, but that’s just so that I can make notebooks suffer in my notebook reviews – I don’t actually use it very often because of my dislike of the wet nib.

What pens and inks are you using at the moment?