My 2011 resolutions review

It’s that time of year again: you can barely move around the blogosphere without clicking on a resolutions/goals post. As you’ve probably realised by now, I love lists! I also love setting tasks for myself, and so I love new year resolutions! I see nothing wrong with setting resolutions, as long as you have some action plan for actually sticking to them.

Depending on your viewpoint, I was either really successful with my 2011 resolutions, or really unsuccessful. If you read below you’ll find out why, but I think this really highlights how plans can change. In January you can sit there and write a list of resolutions for the following year, but sometimes things happen that you can’t plan for. You can either stick resolutely to your goals and refuse to adapt, or you can adjust to the changes accordingly. There are sometimes when you should refuse to budge in your goals, but you need to know when to quit. Only you can make this decision.

I posted my 2011 resolutions last January, with some commentary, but my resolutions are written again below.

1) Read unread book pile
The fates had a giggle with this resolution. As mentioned in the original resolutions post, I set this as a resolution because in previous years my challenge was to read 50 books and I never did it. I thought reading my unread book pile (which had about 30 books on it at the time of setting the resolution) would be more achievable. Instead, I’ve read over 50 books this year and I’ve not cleared my unread book pile. I think I’ll call this a draw. I achieved a previous resolution, but not the current resolution.

Verdict: Draw

2) Make 10 sales in Etsy store
Well, I closed my Etsy store, so this resolution was deleted. I was working full-time, doing my MSc part-time, writing for this blog, trying to run my store and growing things on the allotment. I couldn’t do everything, and I decided that the store had to go. I don’t regret the decision – this time at least, I knew when to quit. I do, however, have lots of stock (cards and bamboo photograph prints) which I need to re-home!

Verdict: Deleted

3) Watch all of Lost (and understand it)
This resolution was deleted – I did start watching Lost after buying the complete boxset, as Twitter folk may remember. However, about half-way through season 2 I admitted defeat, as I was bored. I couldn’t face more seasons of the show – I only have one life! I sold the boxset on eBay and started re-watching Chuck instead.

Verdict: Deleted

4) Save for a house deposit
Well, I did save. However, this is a bad resolution, because it is not specific. Save how much? By when? This is an example of how not to write a resolution. Still, I did save and since I set no target for myself I’m going to consider this resolution met for 2011.

Verdict: Win

5) Send more letters
This is another beautiful example of how not to write a resolution. I did it specifically to show you what not to do (not really…). However, I did send letters, so let’s call that a win too.

Verdict: Win

Technically, I didn’t do too badly this year with my resolutions, mostly because I cheated. However, in my defence:
a) I didn’t consider that there was a limit to my available time, which scuppered #2
b) I didn’t know that Lost would get rubbish in season 2, as I’d only seen season 1 before (which I enjoyed)
c) #4 and #5 are badly written resolutions. I was ill last Christmas when I wrote them, so that shall be my excuse
d) 2011 was a bit rubbish, for reasons I don’t want to go on to here, and this hindered my motivation in life generally.

I have a long list of resolutions for 2012, which I’ll share with you in a couple of days! How did you get on with your 2011 resolutions?

  • Sarah

    Even though you gave up on watching Lost I would still count that as a win as it sounds like you made a good attempt at it. So all told that is an overall win on your resolutions :)
    For the first time in a long time I didn’t make any resolutions in 2011 but I am in the process of making my own for this year.
    Oh, I almost forgot, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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