Crocheting a blanket the easy way

Good evening!  I’ve had what intended to be an exceptionally busy weekend, but in fact accidentally ended up being anything but that due to an unfortunate knock to the head on Friday evening.  It’s taken me two days to get over the bump, so I’ve had a busy Monday catching up with work.  However, today I wanted to show you the crochet blanket I keep mentioning that I’m making.

Firstly, I feel that I must mention that I’m in no way a crochet expert.  I can do one style of crochet, maybe two if you absolutely forced me.  I thus decided the easiest way to crochet a blanket would be to crochet lots of individual squares and then sew them together.  So, that’s what I’ve been doing.

As mentioned in a previous post, I am making a patchwork blanket with a fire theme.  I was a bit unsure about that bright yellow, but actually it’s looking really good with the other wools.  I think the colours would be very autumnal otherwise.

I have started sewing a few together as I’m going along, with a nice thick black thread.  I was going to do it in a concentric pattern, starting with the bright yellow and working out in darker colours.  However, I then changed my mind and I’m now going to do it in a repeating line progressing from light to dark.  I’ll then offset each line by one square, so I should end up with a diagonal pattern across the blanket when it’s finished.

Crochet pattern

I do roughly two squares a week at the moment, so it is going to take me years to actually finish this project!  I’d like it to be finished for this winter, but given my decision to start many projects all at once (including this blog!), it is very VERY unlikely that will happen!  Still, I’m enjoying the ease of crocheting a square in one sitting and I’ll likely be sad if/when I ever finish it.  If only all needlecraft projects could be done in such neat little patches of work!

Happy Monday!

6 thoughts on “Crocheting a blanket the easy way

  1. Sara

    Lovely colors! I’ve been working on a ripple blanket for what seems like forever. Same with my Harry Potter scarf and a slouchy hat. You’re definitely not alone :D

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