Lego Moleskine week 13 & 14

2014 Moleskine week 13

Week 13

This is the week I had my tea party, which was great :)

2014 Moleskine week 14

Week 14

The first week of April.  We had weird weather this week, with smog nearly every day.  According to the news most of the UK was affected.  This is also the week I had really bad jaw pain and ended up on codeine.  Then it weirdly fixed itself – I’ve been fine since!

Around here in April

Just a few photos from my life recently.

First look at the new neon coral Lamy.

The new neon coral Lamy! I will be reviewing it soon. There was a fault with the one I got so I’m just waiting for the replacement.

Lincolnshire in spring

I love this county of mine.

Mars, God of War

A small photo, but here is my first ever image of Mars! I was so excited when I took this photo!

Bean shoot!

I spotted the bean plants the day they germinated! They’re a bit taller now as I took this photo a week ago!

Moon 11 April 2014

I’ve been doing a lot of stargazing recently. It’s been good weather for it. Moooooooooon!

Harlaxton Manor

More yellow fields. It’s all rape seed, for those unfamiliar with the plant. The manor in the background is Harlaxton Manor.

Belvoir castle

Belvoir castle. We used to be able to see the castle from the house where I grew up. It always makes me smile when I see it.

(For those wondering, Harlaxton Manor is owned by an American university who use it as a private college, and Belvoir Castle is the seat of the Duke of Rutland.)

Archie watches the birds.

My little kitkat watching the birds.

ISS pass 12th April 2014

My first useable ISS photo!! So exciting! This is from the ISS pass on the 12th, and the image shows it fading to the east as it disappears into the Earth’s shadow (so it is travelling down the photo).

So that’s my life recently. Lots of space!

April goals

window decoration

April!  Summer is just around the corner.  Don’t we all want a bit of sunshine?

I’m intending to be very productive this month, to make up for my lack of productivity in March.  I’ve already started on most of my goals, and I will remain committed!

My goals for this month are:

  • Read six books
  • Knit four hours a week
  • Walk 15km
  • Lose 1kg
  • Don’t go over spend limit

I need to get back on track with my reading, but I decided not to set an exceptionally large goal this month.  Just doing my target six will be enough; I’ll have to catch up on my reading challenge later in the year (I’m currently 9 books behind schedule).

I haven’t forgotten about my crochet blanket, but I want to finish one of my knitted tops this year, and this means concentrating on knitting.  I doubt I will finish a top this month as I’m a slow knitter, but I want to make a good bit of progress.  I will be concentrating on my glittery top.

The rest of my goals are regular goals this year.  Walk, lose weight and don’t spend too much!

What are your plans for April?

Lego Moleskine week 11 & 12

2014 Moleskine week 11

Week 11

McDonalds for tea!  Doesn’t happen very often, but I do love their chips!  This is also the week that I broke my website by tinkering.  Bad bad Millie.  Never change code on a live website!  We also got Krispy Kremes at work on the Friday and I had a chocolate one.  No-one makes donuts like the Americans.  YUM!

2014 Moleskine week 12

Week 12


May the odds be ever in your favour.

That is all.

Music libraries in the digital age

iTunes library

I’ve blogged several times on here about the never-ending quest for the perfect size iTunes library.  My bid to be minimalist and streamlined includes my computer, and as my iTunes library takes up most of my hard drive, it’s natural that it gets a lot of focus.

I no longer have a Spotify account (I still haven’t decided if this was a good idea), and am back to listening to music solely through iTunes.  Since I got my new laptop in December, I’ve been making a concerted effort to sort out my library.

Whenever I’m on my computer, I open iTunes and put it on shuffle.  Then, when I come across a track that I don’t like or don’t want to listen to any more, I stop what I’m doing and delete the track.  I’ve made substantial headway on sorting my library through this method.  Every few weeks, I sync my phone and get everything up to date.  Convincing myself to treat digital files as CDs worked for me, as I wouldn’t keep a CD if I didn’t listen to it any more.

As you can see from the screengrab above, my iTunes music collection is now down to almost 12GB.  I feel very positive about this!  Ideally, I think I’d like to get it down to 10GB.

I remember the days when I had a 1GB iPod and was happy with that…  How times change!

Spring flowers

I’m trying to make an effort this summer to practice different photographic techniques.  When I was in the garden recently, I decided to photograph flower heads with a backing behind them, so that all you can see is the flower.  I like the effect, but it does make me want a proper macro lens so that I can do super zoomed in photos!



Red cowslip